small spoonie
small spoonie
small spoonie
small spoonie - #flora & phrase#
small spoonie - #flora & phrase#
small spoonie - #flora & phrase#

small spoonie

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"Spoon Theory" is an analogy used by people experiencing chronic pain or illness to describe their experience living with limited energy, which are symbolized by spoons. We start each morning with a finite amount of spoons, and each action—brushing teeth, eating a meal, completing a basic task—costs a spoon, and the spoons run out quickly.

The term "spoon theory" was coined in 2003 by Christine Miserandino, and since, the term "spoonie" has come to definite communities of people living with chronic illness who support one another through the experience.

This print is a vintage illustration of a spoon, intended to remind you both of your strength and also that your need to rest when the spoons have run out is okay. It's made on 100% post-consumer waste paper and mounted on sanded birch wood, so you don't have to go through the trouble of getting it framed to enjoy it on your wall or on a bookshelf.

🌱2x4 inches
🌱handmade with eco-friendly materials
🌱can be hung on cotton thread or not, or made into a magnet

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🌱pieces will be mailed within 2-5 business days of an order's placement
🌱orders over $50 ship for free


🌱 for best results, keep pieces out of direct sunlight so that flowers maintain their vibrant colors
🌱 if moving the piece, securely wrap in order to protect the flower and paper


🌱 I could not recommend this shop more!!! However it looks on screen, it's even more beautiful and delicate in person. The pieces were in perfect condition when I got them and I couldn't be happier. — Sara, Oct. 2020
🌱 On time and perfect. This is my second order from this store and I couldn't be happier. I contacted the owner beforehand to see if she could do a poem that wasn't listed and it was no problem at all for her. Great store and great customer service. — Craig, July 2020
🌱 I could not be more satisfied with my product! It is not only exactly as described, but so beautifully crafted. Thank you so much for your artwork, it's truly wonderful :) — Taylor, June 2020
🌱 this piece was EXTREMELY personal & i needed it to be perfect. i messaged them & asked if they did custom pieces. they helped me pick out the right size & flower & even formatted the quote wonderfully. they thought of everything. it shipped so quick & was so beautiful i couldn't believe it. i cant wait to give this gift. — Abigail, Dec. 2019

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