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flora & phrase is dedicated to showcasing the work of emerging writers, especially those whose voices historically have been marginalized.

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Tallie Gabriel

Tallie Gabriel is a poet, musician, and spiritual practitioner based in NYC. Their work can be seen in Grand Little Things, Groupie Mag The Rally, and in their self-published anthology, “heart garden.” You can also catch Gabriel behind a typewriter creating custom poems on the spot with Ars Poetica, onstage with a cello as a member of the pop-folk trio Camp Bedford Rescue Squad, or on TikTok @captainfancey. IG: @captaintallie. Photo by Beth Crane

Ruth Elora 

Ruth Elora is a British-Nigerian poet, writer and performer from London. Ruth is a lover of all things romantic and her poetry explores the heights and depths of love, life, friendships and faith. Her work has been featured in magazines such as UNDERGRAD and on radio. 

Gloria Muhammad 

Gloria Muhammad is a teaching artist, educator, and writer. As a writer, Gloria is inspired by spirituality, everyday life, nature, music, and cinematography. As a teaching artist, she enjoys hosting writing workshops rooted in healing and personal development. To book Gloria for a writing workshop or to learn more, feel free to send her a DM @whoisgloriajoy or email gloriajoymuhammad@gmail.com.

Brandi Douglas 

Brandi Douglas is a Tacoma-based poet who began writing at the age of 13. Her identity as an Indigenous/Mexican/Creole and queer-identified woman has helped her to create medicine through the written word for nearly two decades. 

Tomicia Blunt

Tomicia Blunt writes on the beauty and hardship of being a black woman; love and the complexities when unrequited; spirituality and worship; and belonging: to a body, community, and society. Her work is both personally cathartic and, she hopes, a catalyst for change and healing for others. 

Mu Knowles

Born in the beautiful city of Tacoma, Mu Knowles is a Black Non-binary Queer musician, poet, and spoken word artist. In the process of crafting their own unorthodox style over the years, artistic expression has become a haven, escape, and outlet for their lived experience and imaginations.

Emily Harman

Emily Harman is a queer Seattle-based writer whose poetry explores the relationship between grief, spirituality, and the wilderness. She aims to give herself to the craft of writing and the act of exploring in an ongoing process of growing into herself, even through the hardest seasons.