I believe that poems should be out in the world where anyone might encounter them — with plenty of space to breathe.

Even as someone who has always been drawn to poetry, I find myself too often forgetting about it — forgetting that I need it, or that it might help me through something. I have a lot of poetry books, but they require to be opened. I follow a lot of writers on social media, but finding new work requires a lot of absent-minded scrolling. 

I think there's something to be said about reading a poem that exists not in a bound book or on an Instagram feed, but on wood, typed in ink, hanging on a wall: permanent and immediate. I think that poetry should be more present in every part of our lives: that so many poems deserve — or require — daily reading to really be understood.

We all need to take moments — at a market, or in our own homes — to read something that speaks to us. We need things that ask us to slow down and remember the weight of words: what they can do for us, and what they can help us through. We all need reminders. 

I select works across a broad range of writers and genres in an effort to create those essential reminders for a wide host of people. In doing so, it is also my goal to create a platform for emerging writers so that their work can be seen by more people with as few barriers as possible. In this process, I center the voices of women and people of color: it matters whose stories we tell, and too many stories have remained marginalized for too long. 


“After all, poems are not meant to be read as much as to be reread."
— David Wojahn