my story

Hi, I'm Zoe Branch, a Tacoma-based writer and maker.
When I was a kid, my paternal great-grandfather's 1931 Remington Noiseless was a favorite "toy" of mine—I'd type on it for hours in my grandparents' basement growing up. About a decade ago, the keys began to stick and it stopped working.
A couple of years ago, my mom spent months cleaning and fixing the typewriter, which she then gave to me as a gift. I started using it to write poems as gifts for family members—typed onto those blank pages that are hidden at the back of books—and incorporated pressed flowers that I have been gathering in phonebooks for years. After many trial and error attempts, I figured out how to mount and hang the words with flowers, and how to migrate the concept into making earrings and greeting cards as well.
Recently, my mom also gifted me the 1950 Olivetti Lettera 22 that belonged to her father. I now use both of them to create all of the products you can find here. 
When I'm not living out one childhood dream (sitting on the floor with a typewriter), I'm living out another as a full-time journalist. I'm passionate about centering marginalized voices and stories and try to do so through my own writing as well as with flora & phrase.
         Zoe Typewriter